The Book of Online Baseball History

The Comebacker What we picked right—and wrong—in our predictions back in March; Who we now choose for the year's postseason awards; A reprise of the Best and Worst of the 2012 season. Check it out!
1932 Did he or didn't he? Babe Ruth points towards center field against the Cubs in the World Series—but is he calling a home run? We know he hit the home run; what remains a mystery is whether he told everyone it was coming.
They Were There Chuck Stevens talks Satchel Paige, the Hollywood Stars and his post-playing life helping other former major leaguers in need.

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the most comprehensive and enjoyable history of big league baseball to be found on the Internet MLB Team Histories: In-short bios detailing the ups, downs and everything in between of every major league team since 1900. Baseball Opinions: Commentary on baseball's most important issues of the day. They Were There: Interviews with former major league baseball players who saw it through their own eyes. The Weekly Comebacker: Our weekly look at the best, worst, most newsworthy and just plain weird within baseball.
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