Over a year in the remaking, the updated, expanded and improved This Great Game is coming your way on December 30. Here’s what you’ll see:

A vastly expanded Teams section, with our existing year-by-year breakdowns of each major league team augmented by capsulated decade-by-decade oral reviews, franchise leaders, notable achievements and, for the first time we know of anywhere on the Internet, a comprehensive collection revealing each team’s greatest hitters, pitchers and most memorable games.

A new section entitled Lists, an evolving cornucopia of top ten (or top five) lists covering various baseball topics. For starters, the Lists section will include our choices for the ten greatest home runs ever hit, the five least deserving MVP recipients, and the ten most dominant seasons by a hitter.

A revamped Yearly Reader section, with more images, more facts, and a more cohesive presence minus all the current pop-ups.

An expanded Leaders + Numbers section, including updated statistical information and listings of awards won each year by major leaguers, from the MVP to the Gold Gloves.

Our new YouTube page, featuring some of the most interesting baseball-related clips you’ll ever stumble upon.

Less GIFs, more html. If you’re not sure what we mean by this, trust us—it all translates into a more pleasurable experience for those accessing This Great Game on their smartphones and tablets without compromising those enjoying the site on their big home monitors.

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