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There’s a new commissioner, baseball attempts to speed up the games, Bryce Harper breaks out and the Royals reign supreme for the first time in three decades. These are just a few of the action items that we commented on throughout the 2015 baseball year.

January 2015
Four new members, same old controversies: The Hall of Fame Class of 2015; Rob Manfred steps in as the new commissioner; the passing of Ernie Banks.

February 2015
How baseball plans to speed up the games for 2015: Josh Hamilton suffers a relapse; Alex Rodriguez begins Mea Culpa Tour II; Why the Yoan Moncada inking is irking other major leaguers.

March 2015
The Cubs look at Kris Bryant's incredible camp as a minor deal; Will Ferrell's one-day tour of the Cactus League; Tommy John conquers Yu Darvish, Zack Wheeler and Brady Aiken (among others).

April 2015
The combatant Royals begin their defense of their AL title; The first major league game played before a crowd of 0; Josh Hamilton finds a home—his old one in Arlington.

May 2015
Bryce Harper comes of age; The continuing saga over why everyone wants pitchers to break the rules on using foreign substances; The Marlins go off the deep end—again.

June 2015
The milestones keep a comin' for Alex Rodriguez; The Cardinals are found hacking into the Astros' servers; Royals fans stuff the online All-Star Game ballot boxes; Is David Ortiz a clubhouse cancer?

July 2015
MLB's "Franchise Four" results neglect most everything before 1960; Your count of consecutive scoreless innings may vary; A computer calls balls and strikes in a minor league game.

August 2015
The Dodgers get no-hit twice within ten days; Merkle Boner redux in Arizona?; Ichiro Suzuki passes Ty Cobb—or does he?

September 2015
The passing of Yogi Berra; Are total pitches a more accurate barometer for starting pitchers than total innings?; Bryce Harper mixes it up with Jonathan Papelbon.

October 2015
A frisky baseball postseason complete with Daniel Murphy's power burst, a controversial "slide" into second by Chase Utley and a very weird seventh inning at Toronto.

November 2015
After 30 years, Kansas City is back on top of the baseball world; MLB's 2015 awards are given out, from MVP to the Best Tweet (thanks, Seinfeld); Someone finally bites at the qualifying offer.

December 2015
Pete Rose is denied reinstatement; The Reds try to deal a toxic Aroldis Chapman; Big-time free agent riches are rewarded to Zack Greinke, David Price and other top-tier pitchers.

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