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Baseball faces its biggest PED scandal yet in Biogenesis; The Boston Red Sox rise to the occasion and bring their city together in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings; It's the year of the extra-inning game; And the Houston Astros switch leagues and became lamb chops for their new divisional rivals. These are just a few of the action items that we commented on throughout the 2013 baseball year.

December 31, 2012-January 6, 2013
Can Alex Rodriguez catch up to Barry Bonds?; Torii Hunter's homophobic rant; Ugueth Urbina's jailbrake back to the majors; David Denson blasts his way upon the national stage.

January 7-13, 2013
The Hall-of-Fame voters shoves it to the stars of the steroids era; Dodger Stadium undergoes a makeover.

January 14-20, 2013
Farewell to Stan Musial and Earl Weaver; The ideal Team USA WBC roster (if only the players said 'yes'); Wrigley Field's $300 million renovation plan (if only the City of Chicago said 'yes').

January 21-27, 2013
Sammy Sosa thinks he deserves it all (including the Dominican presidency); Justin Upton finally finds a new home; the Dodgers' rich, new local TV deal.

January 28-February 3, 2013
The Biogenesis scandal explodes; the NRA takes aim at the Royals and Cardinals.

February 4-10, 2013
Ryan Braun's name appears on the Biogenesis ledger; They held a Fan Fest in Miami and nobody showed up; Mike Piazza's karate lessons to defend against Roger Clemens.

February 11-17, 2013
Ten former All-Stars who start spring training without a team; Felix Hernandez's rich new contract; A winter without an arbitration hearing.

February 18-24, 2013
Octavio Dotel publicly calls out Miguel Cabrera's clubhouse leadership (or lack thereof); A judge rules that the Yankees are truly "evil"; Snow in the Cactus League.

February 25-March 3, 2013
Jeffrey Loria comes out of hiding to state his case for the Marlins' offseason; Will the Teasers of 2012 succeed in 2013?; Mike Trout gets a $20,000 raise.

March 4-10, 2013
Is the third time the charm for the evolving World Baseball Classic?; Why is Kyle Lohse unsigned?; A 54-year-old knuckleballer claims he can make it in the majors.

March 11-17, 2013
The Miami New Times tells MLB to go fish; The Americans are ousted early at the WBC—again; TGG's brief but enjoyable appearance in the Cactus League.

March 18-24, 2013
The best and worst players of spring training 2013; The Dominicans take the WBC to a smattering of applause; Rosemont, Illinois' bid to steal the Cubs.

March 25-31, 2013
Baseball's ten most overpaid players; the Houston Astros inaugurate the 2013 season as an American League team; Should San Antonio be first in line as the next MLB city?

April 1-7, 2013
As the DH turns 40, will the NL be soon forced to use it?; Montreal begins the process of bringing baseball back; So long, Bob Turley.

April 8-14, 2013
Five former ballparks we'd love to visit; MLB and Alex Rodriguez vie to outbid one another for the Biogenesis papers; Why the A's aren't moving to San Jose anytime soon.

April 15-21, 2013
How the Red Sox responded to the Boston Marathon bombings—and what else they should do; The Padres compare Zack Greinke to Rain Man; Jean Segura steals second, then first.

April 22-28, 2013
Ten names to throw against the wall as baseball's next commissioner; Jeffrey Loria ticks off his players (but then again, what else is new?); R.I.P., Rick Camp.

April 29-May 5, 2013
A breakdown of the Blue Jays' lousy start; Is MLB really ready for its first openly gay ballplayer?; Dirk Hayhurst and Jack Morris think there's more than meets the eye to Clay Buchholz's fantastic start.

May 6-12, 2013
The Astros make an illegal pitching change—and the umpires let them get away with it; The Marlins close off the upper deck at Marlins Park; Why Fritz Ostermueller's daughter is mad at the makers of 42.

May 13-19, 2013
Ten players who'd like to start the 2013 season all over again; Is Bryce Harper in danger of becoming the next Pete Reiser?; David Price's bad reaction to detergent.

May 20-26, 2013
Players who've been cursed by the World Baseball Classic; More blown calls; Miami loses out on hosting the Super Bowl, and locals blame Jeffrey Loria.

May 27-June 2, 2013
The best and worst from the month of May; Severe weather and inflexible schedules make for graveyard shift baseball; The Rays' latest first-round headache.

June 3-9, 2013
Anthony Bosch agrees to rat out his Biogenesis clients; Mark Appel's patience pays off; The long, long Saturday in Toronto and New York.

June 10-16, 2013
Does the surge in strikeouts require a future rule change?; Ryan Madon's plea for legal HGH; Japan inquires on Alex Rodriguez.

June 17-23, 2013
Will San Jose's lawsuit against MLB shake the cobwebs off the A's 'quest' for a new ballpark?; Manny Ramirez bolts from Taiwan; Giancarlo Stanton's 100th home run, at age 23.

June 24-30, 2013
TGG hands out its midseason awards; Alex Rodriguez and Brian Cashman publicly spar; Mike Trout's first 1,000 at-bats; The death of baseball's "Tattoo Man."

July 1-7, 2013
TGG's 2013 All-Star picks; Homer Bailey's second no-hitter; MLB boots out an umpire for drug use; Raul Ibanez's belated power surge at 41.

July 8-14, 2013
Does baseball's pursuit of accused Biogenesis patients amount to a witch hunt?; Tim Lincecum's 148-pitch no-hit special; The best players and teams, from last year's All-Star Break to this year's.

July 15-21, 2013
The best and worst so far in the 2013 minor league season; Mariano Rivera Night at the All-Star Game; Matt Harvey seeks the New York City's best condo and Derek Jeter's love life.

July 19-25, 2013
Ryan Braun finally surrenders to the steroid police; Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees haggle over the state of his quad; Justin Verlander's decline.

August 5-11, 2013
MLB drops the Big One on the Biogenesis users; Jack Clark accuses Albert Pujols of steroid use; Ryan Madson gets released by the Angels.

August 12-18, 2013
Why MLB's idea of comprehensive video replay is awful; Did Alex Rodriguez rat out his fellow Biogenesis users?; Players with 4,000 professional hits.

August 19-25, 2013
Ten breakout pitchers in the 2013 season; Ryan Braun's invisible apology; Is Yasiel Puig aiming to become baseball's new Bad Boy?

August 26-September 1, 2013
Ten questions for baseball's regular season home stretch; Wladimir Balentien closes in on Japan's home run record; Brandon Phillips gets a little upset over his on-base percentage.

September 2-8, 2013
What were you doing when the Pirates last reached .500?; Eric Byrnes HOF steroid-user tease; Adam Dunn mulls retirement.

September 9-15, 2013
Is the retiring Todd Helton worthy of a Hall of Fame plaque; Masahiro Tanaka's 21-0 start in Japan; What will they do with the Astrodome?

September 16-22, 2013
Is this the end of the Yankees as we know them?; The Dodgers' victory pool party in Arizona; Amid the raw sewage, Lew Wolff plugs his nose and sounds off on the lack of fan support in Oakland.

September 23-October 6, 2013
Alex Rodriguez feigns ignorance and sues everyone in sight; Reggie Jackson's autobiography; Death of a Dodger fan near AT&T Park; News and notes from the LDS.

October 7-13, 2013
The longest 1-0 game, ever; San Jose's antitrust case against MLB goes on life support; Goodbye, Andy Pafko.

October 14-20, 2013
Another World Series classic on tap for the Red Sox and Cardinals?; Prince Fielder's disappearing postseason act; How This Great Game's preseason forecast fared against the "experts."

October 21-27, 2013
A wild start to the World Series; Jim Leyland steps down; Will Cleveland fans determine Chief Wahoo's fate?

October 28-November 3, 2013
The Red Sox finish off the Cardinals; TGG's All-Star free agent team; The passing of Johnny Kucks.

November 4-10, 2013
Our picks for baseball's MVP, Cy Young Award, et al; Houston voters stick the final dagger into the Astrodome; The season's five worst non-strike calls.

November 11-17, 2013
The Braves abandon Turner Field for Cobb County; MLB finalizes and approves video review for 2014; Was Yasiel Puig bullied?

November 18-24, 2013
Alex Rodriguez's master plan to avoid suspension; Who got the better of the Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler trade?; The passing of union chief Michael Weiner.

November 25-December 1, 2013
Which ten major leaguers have the largest Twitter followings?; A-Rod's really catty week; The Nationals want D.C. to pay $300 million to put a roof over their heads.

December 2-8, 2013
Ten memorable Red Sox players who ended up with the Yankees; Robinson Cano lands in Seattle; Leonys Martin's post-Cuban lack of freedom.

December 9-15, 2013
Baseball bans the home plate collision; Roy Halladay retires; Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa and Joe Torre get the call from Cooperstown.

December 16-22, 2013
Ten idle players from 2013 looking to make a comeback in 2014; MLB and Japan agree on a new posting system; The Yankees invade Broadway.

December 23-29, 2013
The Best of the Comebacker: A look back at the wild and wacky of 2013.

December 30, 2013-January 5, 2014
Our picks for the Hall-of-Fame class of 2014; What's all the fuss over the HOF voting process—and why?; Adam Eaton’s rude exit from Arizona.

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